Hobbies or neverending obsessions? You decide.


Starting from an early age, I've been writing my own software tools and applications either to make life easier or to solve interesting problems. In the age of the internet, I'm able to share some of these programs with you. As with anything else you download on the web, I make no guarantees about the functionality or usability of the software. If you use the source code in software of your own, please credit me and link to the source if possible.

Con Reports

I've been going to conventions, mostly furry but a few sci-fi in the past, since 1997. I generally don't go to more than 3 cons a year.

About Me

So who is this fellow whose loosely-structured collection of web pages you've stumbled across? I am a:

  • Software developer
  • Furry fan and fursuiter, and sometimes mascot volunteer
  • Geocacher
  • Where's Georger
  • Photographer, especially food photographer
  • Gas price spotter
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