Miscellaneous Plush Pictures and Group Pictures

Raccon by Gund and leopard by Kellytoy. Taken in the hotel room at AAC98.

A few Ty beanies: Pouch the kangaroo, Ears the rabbit, Stinky the skunk, Sly the fox.

Charmander plush pillow.

Small beanbag plushie that came with the Creatures 2 game. (Mindscape)

Ralphy the Raptor by Eyenimal.

Green dinosaur by Trudy.

A group of plushies: baby seal by Gund, kangaroo by Ikea, Kanga and Roo (background), and fox by Soft Classics.

Crocodile by Gund.

IKEA beaver.

IKEA deer.

Small otter, snow leopard and horse by K&M.

White rabbit and fox by Ikea.

Some beanbag plushies that sit on my monitor: Robin Hood and Maid Marion beanies from the Disney Store, raccoon beanie by Fiesta, and rabbit, skunk and fox beanies by Ty.

Part of my room.

Part of my room.

Part of my room.

Part of my room.

Smiley the shark by Gund.

Smiley the shark by Gund.

Sonic and Tails plushies.

Squirtle plush pillow.

Tigershark meanie.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot.