What is furry?

I'm not sure when exactly I found the furry fandom but I've known about it since at least mid-1992. When I started college in 1991, I was into Tiny Toon Adventures and read the associated Usenet newsgroup alt.tv.tiny-toons fairly regularly. One day, someone mentioned the alt.fan.furry newsgroup and that was my first introduction to the fandom.

I didn't go to any furry conventions until the first Albany Anthrocon in 1997. In the beginning, I was a cartoonist. I drew the webcomic Limpidity for a number of years. Later on, in the early 00s, I started fursuiting at Anthrocon and other furry cons, and also at local furry events. Since 2006, I've also been doing fursuit gigs for charity and community events with the Hi-4 group.

So what is furry to me? It's a way to make new friends over a shared interest and a way to participate in fun activities and gatherings. In that way, it is not really so different from Where's George and geocaching, which also have widespread interest groups.