Cr-48 binaries

My cr48 repository on Github is a fork of helloandre's cr48 repository. The purpose of this project is to make the Google Cr-48 Chromebook more useful for coding by building various tools that one can run in ChromeOS developer mode.

There are two ways to get binaries for ChromeOS:

  • Static build under any 32-bit Linux. (I use Ubuntu 11.04 running under VirtualBox.)
  • Arch Linux packages. (Only some packages work and the ones that work are not always from the latest build.)

ChromeOS binaries currently included in this project include Vim, Python, Perl, Ruby, Mercurial, git, Subversion, GNU diffutils, GNU screen, rsync, Info-ZIP, GNU less, and Dropbox. It is a joint effort between helloandre, hominaut, signalnine, and myself.

Note: This project hasn't been maintained since November 2011 because I stopped using the Chromebook.