Java Programs

I came across a collection of Turbo Pascal programs that I wrote some time in the 1980s. Since I no longer had Turbo Pascal installed, I decided to rewrite some of those programs in Java. Here are the results.

Note that since these applets are all based on JDK 1.1, you'll need Netscape 4.x or later, Opera with the Sun Java Plugin 1.1.x, or the equivalent Internet Explorer versions. In addition, since each of these applets comes with a main() routine, you can run them with the standalone Java runtime if you have installed the JDK. (If none of that made any sense, just try running the applets. The worst that could happen is they won't do anything and I've been there already. :) )

Also, if you are using JRE 8, you'll have to add this domain to the Security Exception Site List. None of the applets have been signed with a certificate from a trusted authority and these will therefore not pass any browser security checks.